WingMan 3m


The Wingman is rigid, powerful, stable, and incredibly strong. With the new changes, the Wingman is now a lightweight weapon!



There is no expense spared when building this wing. We use a high-end Dacron for the LE and strut, D2 canopy material and .6mm bladders to reduce the chance of pinholes. The bladders are locked in place with velcro tabs attached to the bladder. Wear points have scuff guards so it can be used as an all-terrain wing.

New handles
After long talks with team riders and users, we have finalised a new minimalistic handle layout. We have settled on 4 x handles and “Y” handles to suit everyone’s needs.

UNI bag.
We have developed a generously sized smart bag that opens all the way out to be flat. This allows sand to be removed easily, it can be used as a change matt and even a seat cover if you want to drive home in your wetsuit!
This bag is also available separately so you can sell it to customers who need a new kite bag.

Features list
Wrist strap with stainless swivel and buckle for one handed use.
Strut deflate valve for ease of packdown.
Smart placed window
“Y” handle.
Bladder lock.
UNI bag.