Uno Kite Harness

Konrad Uno Kite Harness

A single piece of thermo-moulded closed cell foam. A single body size. One colour. Light, comfortable, durable, feature rich, without all the choices you don’t need.

Key Features

  • Non-water absorbent closed cell foam construction – harness weighs almost the same wet and dry
  • Moulded body contours for comfort and support
  • Front attachment point for increased safety
  • High quality stitching, materials and finishes, for a harness that won’t let you down


The perfect fit with just one size.

Our technical team have found that the majority of kite harness sizes (S, M, L) all share a very common back, hip and side shape. The largest variance in these sizes is the overall waist diameter, which can be adjusted using the spreader bar. To have the perfect fit for your Uno harness, simply specify the spreader bar size which matches your waist measurement.

The Uno harness has a single body size with different spreader bar options to allow simple fitment for most riders.

Size Measurements
S 28-32 inch waist
M 32-36 inch waist
L 34-38 inch waist



More than just another spreader.

Solid padded spreader bars with front attachment point for the ultimate safety. Integrated knife, covered webbing buckles and push button release.


Don’t carry water.

The Konrad closed cell foam body design means water is locked out of your harness body. The harness weighs almost the same wet as it does dry – keeping you as light as possible.

Careful formulation has allowed us to make this thermoform foam from low irritation material making it more comfortable for you to wear.