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Front wings

Konrad have made foil wings for years. We have a legacy Konrad mount, and also make some wings with Axis mounts. Choose any wing that matches your fuselage mounting setup.

LX Series Axis mount wings

This wing is inspired by the popular Lift HA. It has a similar feel and look with our own spin on profiles and lift distribution. The big draw card is that this wing is an Axis mount! This wing is very efficient, a good rider can link multiple waves and pump long distances on it.

LX970 top.75.jpg
Legacy wings

The complete family of Konrad mount wings

ST series

High performance, carvy and flat out performance. This wing is like the sports car of the ocean and will get you through sections that you never dreamed possible. This profile is also very efficient and can carry you through fat sections or long pumps.
Medium/Low stall speed.

GT series

This wing is made for speed and features a super thin efficient profile that as a very small amount of resitance. This wing is for down- winding, racing ocean swells, winging and even surfing.
Medium stall speed

GT1100 ISO.jpg
GS series

Easy glider for downwinding, winging or flat water pumping. The stability will leave you thinking it is not fast, wait till you check your stats! This wing is an good entry for riders wanting to broaden their foil horizons to new terrain.
Medium stall speed.

GS1550 iso.jpg
SS series

This go-to wing is like that reliable fish surfboard in your quiver. easy turning, easy pump and controlled lift delivery.
Made for small waves, beginners of prone and wing and reliable easy performance.
Very low stall speed.

S6 SS1300 iso.jpg
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