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Carbon fibre models

Constructed from the finest materials, FREAK masts have extraordinary stiffness for their weight. 

Choose the high modulus mast for a lightweight mast. Choose the ultra high modulus mast if you want the stiffest possible construction.  

A dead straight leading edge give excellent turning performance, while the tapered trailing edge and chord taper gives manageable increases in speed as you rise on foil. 

The Axis fuselage mount is a very solid tuttle connection contributing to overall foil stiffness. The thread inserts (top and bottom) are plated titanium.

In keeping with the FREAK philosophy, the mast has a solid top tuttle and matching 6K grade aerospace aluminium base plate. This can be easily removed for easy travelling.

A sacrificial anode is built into the base mount to deflect glavanic corrosion.

Alloy models

An alloy version is available using the Konrad straight profile of very efficient 16mm mast. 

The alloy version uses the same modular FREAK construction allowing simple changes between the two options at any point in time, since they have the exact same tuttle base mount connection and Axis tuttle fuselage connection.

The Alloy model is available in a range of lengths.

FREAK mast family
Designed and built by engineers.

Detailed design analysis for stress, deflection, flow and efficiency allows our engineers to pinoint the most effective design for your riding pleasure.

mast stress.JPG
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