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Thank you for purchasing a Konrad product. A lifetime of experience, skill and practice has gone into the design of Konrad products. Created by riders for riders, Konrad products give the user a sense of value, trust and simplicity. These attributes translate to superior performance and maximum time on the water, so the rider can enjoy their boarding experience to the fullest.

Warranty coverage

The manufacturer provides an easy-to-follow warranty procedure in case the owner should find a defect.
Konrad products have a 12-month international manufacturer’s warranty on manufacturing defects. The manufacturer will repair any manufacturing faults free of charge within the 12 month period from the proof of purchase period with the exceptions of “not covered under warranty” conditions. If the product cannot be repaired it will be replaced with the same or similar product depending on availability.


Not covered under Warranty

- Damage caused by anything other than manufacturing defects.
- Use in commercial, rental, teaching, or instructional programs or activities.
- Non-transferable for second-hand buyers. Warranty is available for the original purchaser only.
- Products repaired by unauthorised repairers.
- Normal wear and tear, including scratches, fading, heal dents or abusive riding.
- Damage caused by being stored in excessive heat.

- Water damage caused by riding the board with damage.

- Damage caused during shipping.

- Cost of shipping.

- Loss of the product during use.

For warranty returns: Please take your product, clean and dry into the store where you purchased from, along with your receipt or proof of purchase. Your retailer will assess the product and arrange the return to our head office in Australia.
If you are unable to return to your point of purchase you may email your claim to with the following information:

– Place of purchase.
– An original receipt or proof of purchase.
– Detailed pictures of claim (3 max, max total message size 8MB).
– Description of the claim.

* Konrad assumes no responsibility for physical injury or property damage resulting from the use of any products. All products are manufactured with either a warning label on the package or on the product themselves and by using the products, all users assume responsibility for this risk.

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