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LX Series
High performance

Designed for high-performance and easy accessibility, these wings provide insane pump, glide, and speed. 

Two versatile sizes

The LX profile has so much easy lift, even larger riders will enjoy the smaller LX760. The LX970 provides that extra lift for easy pumping and longer glide.


LX760 specs
88cm span
AR 10.1


LX970 specs


99cm span

AR 10.1

High Modulus
carbon construction

Flex in the wing moves it away from the ideal, efficient shape, so we lock it down to give you that locked in feeling.

AXIS Mount

We believe in making our products more modular and accessible, which is why we incorporated the AXIS black mount into this new wing series. This allows AXIS foil owners to easily add the LX wing to their collection and experience its impressive performance. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!

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